How Much To Install Tesla Charger? (All You Need To Know)

Owning a Tesla is a great long-term investment. However, making this investment can be quite costly, especially when it comes to maintaining your Tesla car.

One of the major concerns of Tesla owners is charging at home. Just how much will you spend to install a Tesla charger? I looked into it and here is what I found!

How Much To Install Tesla Charger

How Much To Install Tesla Charger?

Installing a Tesla Charger will cost you anywhere from $1000 to $7000. You will be charged for the Tesla home charger, which costs $500, and the installation cost, which is priced upward of $500. If your home does not have the ideal wiring and power capacity, then expect that the installation cost will be pricier for you.

In case you are interested to learn more about the fees you have to pay to make your home, apartment or workplace suitable for charging a Tesla, keep on reading!

How Much To Install A Tesla Charger In The Garage?

Installing a Tesla charger in your garage can cost upwards of $1000, depending on several factors. One of those factors is the current state of your garage.

If your garage has the ideal wiring and enough power capacity, then the installation will cost less. Otherwise, the cost can rise to up to $7000.

Moreover, the cost of the Tesla charger also varies. Since Level 3 offers faster charging, it will cost more than Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

How Much To Install Tesla Charger At Home?

Whether you install a Tesla charger in your home or in your garage, the cost will likely remain the same. Expect that the amount will go no lower than $1000.

Generally, it is the installation fee that tends to drive up the cost  of a Tesla charger. However, Tesla has recently unveiled a type of EV charger that you can just plug yourself.

This charger can connect to the NEMA 14-50 and will not need to be installed by an electrician.

Nevertheless, if your Tesla charger needs to be hardwired into your home’s electrical system, then expect to pay thousands of dollars for the installation fee.

How Much To Install Tesla Charger In Apartment?

There is no definitive price for Tesla charger installations in apartments. A conservative amount would be $1000, but installation costs can easily exceed that.

If your apartment building is relatively new and well-maintained, the wiring and power capacity should be compatible with EV charging needs.

Meanwhile, older apartment buildings may require additional installation costs that can spike up the total price to $20k.

How Much To Install Tesla Charger In The UK?

Installing a Tesla charger in the UK will cost more than £1000, with the Tesla Wall Connector priced at around £500 and the installation fee costing approximately £500 too.

If you are getting the Gen 2 wall connector, it will cost only £299 to £349. Meanwhile, a Gen 3 wall connector will cost  £499.

In case you will need a wall connector pedestal, you will incur another £349.

Additionally, the £500 installation fee can be higher if hardwiring the charger to your electrical system involves a lot of work and extra resources.

How Much To Install Tesla Charger In Canada?

You can expect a Tesla charger installation in Canada to cost upwards of $1500 or $2000 CAD since the Tesla home charger itself already costs around $700 CAD.

If you go for a Gen 2 charger, then the cost will be lower. Furthermore, the installation fee will depend on the electrician you hire and the compatibility of your home to an EV charger.

How Much To Install Tesla Supercharger?

Installing a Tesla Supercharger in a commercial setting can cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. Generally, the exact amount boils down to four main factors.

First, the commercial property needs to support the electrical requirements of a Tesla Supercharger. If not, upgrades will have to be done alongside the installation.

Next, the farther the Tesla Supercharger is to the circuit panel, the more expensive it gets.

Finally, you have to consider the mounting method and number of Tesla Superchargers you want installed.

How Much To Install Tesla Supercharger At Home?

You cannot have a Tesla Supercharger installed at home because the Tesla Supercharger is designed to cater to the public at commercial spaces.

Additionally, the Tesla Supercharger is a direct current Level 3 charger that can give Tesla cars 300 miles of range within an hour of charging.

Technically, houses today do not have the electrical capacity to meet a Tesla Supercharger’s requirements.

How Much Does An Electrician Cost To Install A Tesla Charger In Your Garage?

There is no fixed installation fee for Tesla chargers among Tesla-accredited electricians. How much the installation will cost depends on factors like the charger and your garage.

If your garage has sufficient electrical capacity to support your charger of choice, the installation fee will be much lower.

Otherwise, the electrician will charge more for the additional work and resources needed to make your charger compatible with your garage.

At the least, you can expect the installation fee to cost upwards of $700.

Is It Free To Charge A Tesla?

Charging a Tesla always comes at a cost depending on the type of charger you use and how long you charge your Tesla.

However, if you participated in Tesla’s referral programs, you might be given access to free supercharging miles.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Per Month?

On average, charging a Tesla per month can add $50 to your electricity bill. This corresponds to 4.56 cents per mile if you charge at home.

However, if you charge at Superchargers or other EV charging stations, then you will be charged more monthly for the convenience of faster charging.


Tesla chargers typically cost thousands of dollars to install at home. However, if you live in a modern housing with 200 amp, then the installation cost could be lower.

When your accommodations only have 100 amp, the electrician has to upgrade you to 200 amp to cater to the electrical needs of a Tesla charger. These kinds of upgrades can easily drive up the cost of a Tesla charger installation to $7000 or more.

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