Do Teslas Come With A Charger? (All You Need To Know)

Tesla’s all electric cars are expensive, which is why buyers are eager to know what they are paying for and how much they have to shell out for the Tesla’s upkeep.

This is especially true when it comes to charging a Tesla. With the hefty price tag attached to Teslas, do they also come with chargers? I looked into it and here is what I found!

Do Teslas Come With A Charger

Do Teslas Come With A Charger?

Tesla no longer sells cars with the standard charging kit, which used to include a bundled Level 1 charger. Using this charger, Tesla owners can charge their Tesla on a standard 120V outlet. However, usage was extremely low, so Tesla did away with it. Additionally, Tesla owners reportedly prefer to invest in faster chargers.

In case you are interested to learn more about the changes Tesla made with the inclusions of their Tesla cars and what charger comes with each Tesla model, keep on reading!

Are Chargers Free For Tesla?

All Tesla cars used to come with free Level 1 chargers and a storage bag. However, Elon Musk reported that usage of the free Level 1 chargers were statistically low.

As a result, Tesla cars no longer come with any free mobile connectors. Instead, consumers have to pay around $400 for them, which now includes more plug adapters.

Do Used Teslas Come With A Charger?

Tesla does not run a certified pre-owned car program anymore, so there is no way to regulate what comes with a used Tesla when you buy one.

While some owners might sell their Teslas with the charger included, there is a chance that pre-owned Teslas will come with damaged kits or no kits at all.

Do Teslas Come With A Portable Charger?

Tesla’s standard portable charger is the Level 1 charger that used to be sold along with the car. However, Level 1 chargers are now sold separately for upwards of $200.

Likewise, all of Tesla’s portable chargers have to be bought individually, as that gives consumers a chance to invest on which chargers work best for their Tesla usage.

Do Teslas Come With A Home Charger?

Teslas do not come with a home charger, which is technically known as a Wall Connector. You will have to purchase the Wall Connector separately and have it installed.

 Traditionally, Wall Connectors have to be installed by Tesla-accredited electricians. However, Tesla recently launched a Wall Connector that just needs to be plugged at home.

Does A New Tesla Model 3 Come With A Charger?

Tesla Model 3 no longer comes with any charger. Previously, Tesla Model 3 used to include a basic Level 1 charging kit in case they do not have a Wall Connector installed yet.

As such, Tesla advises buyers to have their Wall Connector installed or plugged in before their Tesla is delivered.

Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With A Home Charger?

Tesla Model 3 does not come with a home charger or a Wall Connector. Generally, this means that Tesla Model 3 is delivered without any ready means for home charging.

To remedy this, Tesla owners must either prepare their Wall Connector beforehand or purchase their Tesla Model 3 with a plug-in Wall Connector or a Mobile Connector.

Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With A Wall Charger?

Tesla Model 3 does not come with a wall charger in any form. When you purchase a Tesla, you will have the option to purchase a Wall Connector or a Mobile Connector too.

Unless you purchase your Tesla with either of these charging options, you will not be able to charge your Tesla at home, only at Destination Chargers and Supercharger Stations.

Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With A Wireless Charger?

Tesla Model 3 and other models do not have a wireless charging option from Tesla. However, wireless charging for electric vehicles is available through WiTricity and Plugless.

As per compatibility, only Tesla Model S has been safely configured with wireless charging options. There are no reports yet of how Tesla Model 3 does with wireless charging.

Currently, there are only rumors about Tesla developing a wireless charging option for their electric vehicles.

What Charger Do You Get With A Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Wall Connectors do not come with your Tesla Model 3, but if you are going to choose a home charger for your Tesla Model 3, the Wall Connector is your best choice.

While expensive, Wall Connectors can save you money in the long run and protect the integrity of your Tesla’s battery. Additionally, Wall Connectors have a decent charging speed.

Does A Tesla Model Y Come With A Charger?

Tesla Model Y no longer comes with any charger. You will have to purchase your mobile charger or Wall Connector of choice separately.

Generally, the most economical choice for Tesla owners is to have a Wall Connector installed or plugged in before their Tesla Model Y arrives.

Does The Tesla Model S Come With A Charger?

Just like Tesla Models 3 and Y, Tesla Model S does not come with any Mobile Connector or Wall Connector. These items have to be purchased separately from now on.

Typically, you will see the option to buy a Mobile Connector or a Wall Connector before you pay for your Tesla if you are making the purchase through the Tesla website.

What Comes With A Tesla When You Buy It?

Most of the perks you will enjoy when buying a Tesla like the standard WiFi and cellular modems comes built into the car.

Apart from these features, you will not get free accessories like chargers, interior liners, and roof racks. You will have to buy them on Tesla’s website or in their stores.


All Tesla models used to come with free Gen 2 Mobile Connectors that allowed Tesla owners to charge their Tesla at home using the standard NEMA plug.

However, Elon Musk decided to discontinue this practice because few Tesla owners actually used the free Gen 2 Mobile Connectors. On the bright side, Gen 2 Mobile Connector bundles now come with more adapters and will be sold at a lower price than the original $400.

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