Unboxing Therapy: Enabling Inclusivity for Electric Vehicles

The United Nations considers mobility as a foundational human right. For decades, vehicles have shaped how people move around. Now, they form part of the foundation of modern human society.

However, not everyone has access to these transportation options. People with disabilities can find it challenging to enter a conventional car or drive toward their destination. As we begin the switch to electric vehicles, we must ensure that we take into account inclusivity.

The Push for Electric Vehicles

For decades, fossil fuel-powered vehicles were considered the only option for motorized mobility. Gasoline and diesel are energy-dense, meaning they can fuel cars without excessive weight or space requirements. Until recently, battery packs could not provide enough power without substantially increasing vehicle weight or taking too much space.

Technological advancements now allow electric cars to proliferate. These vehicles do not require fuels, such as gasoline or diesel, to operate. A charging session is enough for the car to start working. Moreover, electric vehicles do not use an internal combustion engine, eliminating most noise and vibration while driving.

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Switching to electric vehicles also results in lower carbon emissions. This feat is a boon to many countries pushing for substantial renewable energy. On a global scale, decarbonizing the transport sector is crucial in preventing the current climate crisis from escalating.

The push for a more stable climate has convinced many governments to hasten the transition to electric vehicles. The UK has promised to ban gasoline cars by 2030, while California will start the ban in 2035. Even car companies now recognize the need to shift, with GM promising to stick with electric-car production in 2035.

These efforts are admirable. However, they are not enough if we don’t include inclusivity in the picture. Conventional cars are difficult enough to use. With the ongoing shift to battery-powered vehicles, now is the best time to advocate for disability inclusion in the transport sector.

Current Barriers

Many manufacturers of battery-powered vehicles are using the same design principles they used for conventional automobiles. Unfortunately, this means that many design elements that hamper inclusivity remain while new barriers emerge.

For instance, many electric vehicles are adopting skateboard architecture for car design. This strategy places the battery pack under the car floor, reducing the available space inside the machine. The design forces manufacturers to raise the vehicle floor, making it harder for people with physical disabilities to enter the car.

Another stumbling point for inclusivity is the charging process. Many electric vehicles need to be plugged at a charging station regularly. The procedure involves inserting an electric cable into the charging port.

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Unlike charging your smartphone, charging your car requires physical mobility. The charging cable is thick and padded with insulators to convey high amounts of electricity. People with disabilities might be unable to carry the weight or be vulnerable to tripping hazards while maneuvering the cable.

Moreover, some people are unable to drive on their own. They might find it tricky to pay attention or react fast enough on the road. As a result, many may have anxiety about getting behind the wheel. Treatments such as exposure therapy may help address these conditions. But while these problems prevail, driving will remain inaccessible to them.

Additionally, electric vehicles have higher upfront costs. For people with disabilities or mental health conditions, an electric car might seem like another unnecessary expense. They already spend so much on physical checkups and therapy. If these vehicles are more expensive than other modes of transportation, this mobility option may not be an option at all.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars automate many aspects of the driving process. These vehicles have sensor systems and artificial intelligence programs that capacitate them to respond to the environment. A fully automated car can allow people to travel without using any driving controls.

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These vehicles can enable more people with disabilities to consider riding cars. These machines remove the burden of driving while maintaining safety. In addition, self-driving cars can adjust according to how nearby vehicles behave, implementing safety at the community level.

However, self-driving cars are not a panacea. Unfortunately, many prototypes continue to adopt the same design principles that made conventional cars inaccessible to people with disabilities. Self-driving cars may remain exclusive if people with disabilities can’t enter or exit the vehicles without assistance.

Vehicle Conversion

Providing vehicle conversion services is another solution for addressing accessibility. Several companies like MobilityWorks provide conversion services by modifying existing vehicles. Customers can request these companies to lower the floor of an electric vehicle and install other accessibility features.

However, vehicle conversion services are inherently limited by the original design. Some features, such as a ramp, need support from the original manufacturer. Conversion services are also expensive, with costs reaching $35,000 for lowering the floor of a single car.

The sustainable solution is to ensure that manufacturers incorporate PWD-friendly designs from the start. Nevertheless, conversion services are currently fulfilling an essential role in making cars more accessible.


As the electric vehicle industry matures for the next few years, the prices of their cards are expected to drop. Nevertheless, the costs of owning electric vehicles may exclude people with disabilities. Government programs can help shoulder many of these costs, incentivizing more people to switch to these cleaner cars.

The Motability Scheme is the hallmark program of the UK in enabling vehicle ownership for people with disabilities. Qualified individuals can enjoy a brand-new car every three years, with most costs handled by the government.

The list of electric vehicles covered by the Motability Scheme continues to grow throughout the years. The program also emphasizes accessibility features, such as automatic gearboxes and increased boot space.

In Conclusion

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the next step in the evolution of the transport sector. They are part of the solutions we need for a more sustainable world, as they drastically lower our carbon footprint.

That sustainability does not need to come at the cost of accessibility. Through proper planning and inclusivity measures, we can ensure a just and equitable transition to electric vehicles.


How Therapy Can Benefit Car Accident Survivors

Car accidents frequently occur in the United States. They’re so common that they’re the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD among the general population. Moreover, vehicular accidents also cause other negative feelings like shock, unease, anxiety, and depression.

Despite the problems they are facing, many car accident survivors are reluctant to receive professional mental health help. Aside from the stigma surrounding therapy, some people don’t consider vehicular mishaps as traumatic. Many assume trauma only comes from major natural disasters and the death of people close to them.

Vehicular accidents can also cause a considerable shift in a survivor’s attitude and actions. After all, traffic and transportation are all around us. So, they often encounter these triggering images every day. Those factors may negatively affect their well-being, in addition to the physical injuries they may have already incurred from the accident. As such, you need to see a therapist if you suffer from a car accident.

Here’s how seeing a therapist can benefit you:

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Acknowledging Your Trauma

Accidents impact people negatively. It’s common for car accident survivors to have recurring nightmares about the incident. As a victim, you may also develop anxiety about driving or riding vehicles. Additionally, you may develop PTSD, anxiety, or depression. These disorders may lead you to become avoidant, preventing you from riding cars regardless of the reason or company.

Vehicular accidents may also prove more traumatic if you’ve sustained injuries, especially major ones. Being hospitalized and feeling constant pain may exacerbate the negative feelings you have from what happened. If you experience this, therapy can help you control your emotions as you recover from the damage. It will support you in your journey to getting back up emotionally.

The trauma becomes even heavier when there are casualties involved. Survivor’s guilt is common for those who made it out of accidents alive. You may feel like you did something wrong because you didn’t meet the same outcome as others. You may also blame yourself for the accident and the death of other people if there were any. These thoughts will all negatively impact your overall well-being, recovery, and future.

You should immediately seek a therapist if you find yourself having these thoughts. Remember, accidents are often out of your control. You did absolutely nothing wrong by surviving. Therapy will help you process your thoughts and emotions more healthily.

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Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Over time, you may find yourself feeling anxious and lethargic. You may even feel like you can’t and don’t want to get up. It’s tempting to succumb to this darkness. Sometimes, you may even find yourself not caring about things or being too anxious to do anything. Some survivors may even resort to severely unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse or gambling. 

All of your feelings are valid. But it’s crucial to know you can’t go on with those habits in the long run. It’s not going to be easy, but your therapist can support you in getting back up.

With the help of therapy, you can develop healthy coping mechanisms that will aid your healing process. Your therapist will start with the fundamentals that would ensure your well-being. They will recommend you to build healthy sleeping habits, eat a balanced diet, and work out regularly. Exercising, in particular, is very helpful to people trying to overcome their trauma. It can help elevate your mood, lift your spirits, and make you feel stronger.

Your therapist may also suggest attending support groups. With the help of people with similar experiences, you can start coming to terms with your past. They can also provide emotional support as you go through a challenging time.

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Taking Care Of Your Mental And Emotional Health

Following a car accident, your mental and emotional health may decline. While that’s the body’s usual response after traumatic incidents, it’s best to seek a professional to mitigate its effects. If you find yourself experiencing that, you may want to consider going to a therapist.

It will be challenging to fully recover from a car accident, especially if it was life-threatening or if someone lost their life. Accidents can even be traumatic for spectators and bystanders. It’s common to be angry, lonely, afraid, and worried. And it’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel these things even for a long time. However, know that therapy will help you recover from it all.

Your mental and emotional health may suffer if you’ve been through accidents. But while it’s valid, it doesn’t have to define you. You don’t have to live with those negative emotions your whole life. You deserve to feel better, more so after surviving a traumatic event.

Maintaining The Quality Of Your Life

Avoidance often accompanies the aftermath of car accidents. You may find yourself becoming anxious while driving or even just riding a vehicle. Since transportation is closely tied with our daily routines, being apprehensive about cars can negatively impact the quality of your life.

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By going to therapy, you may work on the anxiety or fear you’ve developed about vehicles. Your therapist will help talk you through your experiences as well as your emotions. They may also recommend other activities to support you in coping with your trauma and avoidance.

Additionally, they may suggest adjustments to your driving style if you’re wary of sitting behind the wheel. Wearing your seatbelt, avoiding distractions, and adhering to safety rules and regulations can help you feel more comfortable driving. You may also benefit from having your car checked regularly by a mechanic. Not only will you benefit from these changes, but also everyone you encounter on the road.

To Wrap Up

Experiencing a car accident can be traumatic. You may feel guilt or shock. Moreover, you may develop anxiety, depression, or PTSD. At times, you may even blame yourself for what happened. These can harm your mental and emotional health, in addition to the fear and pain you felt during the accident.

Thankfully, you can approach a therapist to help you recover. They will guide you in acknowledging your trauma and developing healthy coping mechanisms. With their support, you can improve your mental and emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

It won’t be an easy journey toward healing and recovery. But remember, your therapist will be with you every step of the way.

How Counseling Helps In Overcoming Driving Anxiously

Driving is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences. Some people relate it to thrilling and enjoyable experiences. And yet, it is one of the most common situations that can trigger anxiety and panic behaviors. The American Psychiatric Association created the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to classify mental disorders. While driving anxiety isn’t an entry just yet, we know that it is real. Those who have it can experience mild to extreme symptoms of distress.

People with this diagnosis feel the most challenged when they get stuck on bridges or tunnels. These individuals are likely afraid of how there is no easy or safe escape from these situations. They are also at risk of being completely home-bound. Additionally, they also tend to cause frequent traffic accidents.

A man anxiously driving on a busy street. People who anxiously driving feel the most challenged when they're stuck on bridges or tunnels.
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They need to take precautions to reduce the risk of this occurrence. Counseling can help people in identifying the symptoms and sources of their stress.  Understanding the roots of this disorder can help counselors develop a treatment plan to help their clients cope. A counselor can also teach specific strategies to deal with driving-related anxiety effectively.

Determining Signs

There is no well-defined range of symptoms or signals for this diagnosis. This is because it can manifest differently among individuals. It can be anything from subtle distress when grabbing car keys to having a full-blown panic attack while driving.

Additionally, driving-related anxiety may have varying effects on a person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Some people will find it a slight inconvenience, while others will find it a major challenge to deal with.

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Your counselor will assist you in recognizing signs that driving is giving you mild anxiety.

It may include:

  • Feeling restlessness
  • Being easily exhausted before, during, and after driving
  • Struggling to concentrate
  • Having nightmares
  • Feeling extreme tension

Understanding Causes – Driving Anxiously

Like other types of anxiety, it has a variety of possible underlying causes. It can be biological, environmental, or social experiences. Counseling can help you understand its causes.

The following are some of the common causes of Fears when driving:

  • Have experienced car crash or accident
  • Have experienced uncomfortable driving situations
  • Having agoraphobia or fear of open spaces
  • Having a family history of anxiety disorder

You can learn if it is a symptom of a specific mental health disorder through counseling. If you have suffered any driving-related accident, you might also have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


Your counselor can help you cope with it by helping you understand its causes. Counseling can help you explore strategies that can minimize your symptoms. Your counselor can guide you in implementing behavioral interventions to overcome your anxiety. Here are some strategies your counselor can help you with:

Making Achievable Goals For You

Your counselor can help you determine long-term and short-term achievable goals to overcome it. You must take concrete steps if you wish to achieve a long-term improvement of your anxiety. Your counselor can also help you be deliberate in your actions.

Practicing Driving Relaxation Techniques

In counseling, you will also be taught relaxation techniques you can do on your own.

The following are some relaxation exercises that can help deal with your fears:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindful meditation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Autogenic training
  • Guided imagery

Promoting Group Support For You And  Everyone Around You

Having driving-related anxiety can be isolating. Another strategy your counselor may teach you is to find a supportive group. Support groups can improve your coping skills and keep you on track of your goals: tackle driving with your family and friends. Sharing your story with them can be a helpful process in reducing your anxiety.

A driver assisted while driving anxiously.
Source: pixabay.com

Treating Your Fear Of Driving

Your counselor can help you in getting it treated. They can recommend a mental health professional who can tailor a treatment plan to manage your condition: therapy sessions and medication prescriptions are examples of possible treatment recommendations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help

People who are clinically diagnosed with this disorder are often treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. The goal of this therapy is to explore the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through this, your counselor can identify negative thought patterns and behavior on it. They can offer you healthier and more positive alternatives to initiate behavioral change.

Exposure Therapy For Facing Your Fears Onward

Part of reducing your anxiety is to take bold steps. In exposure therapy, you will be required to confront the stressful situation causing this anxiety. Your counselor may suggest that you try out driving a little. This process is called systematic desensitization. Your tolerance for driving can improve as these stimuli are gradually increased. Eventually, you will develop healthier coping mechanisms to overcome the anxiety associated with driving, and you will have a better relationship with driving overall.

Medications Suitable For You

Like other anxiety disorders, the use of medications can also be beneficial in decreasing symptoms of anxiety. A counselor can help you find medications you can use while driving.

Some of the common medications for driving-related anxiety:

  • Selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
  • Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)
  • Other antidepressants

Overcoming it, like any other anxiety disorder, is a lengthy and challenging process. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of this condition is important. Despite having no definitive list of these symptoms, a counselor can help determine if you have mild anxiety related to driving. Understanding the causes of it is also significant in creating a tailored treatment plan for you.


Your counselor can help you generate strategies and techniques to reduce your symptoms. With the repetition of these steps, you can develop resiliency and a healthier coping mechanism for it.

Suffering from anxiety related to driving can also be isolating. Besides seeking a counselor, it is also crucial for you to have a strong support group to guide you to recovery. Having as many ways to help you with it can only be good for you. Slowly get help for your anxiety, and have more freedom on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Counseling Benefits To Salesmen

Have you ever pulled all stops for something you believe in, even if others don’t?

That’s how I felt towards electric vehicles.

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Many people who loved muscle cars, SUVs, and other vehicles gave electric autos a lot of flak during its conception. They said that it would never last and that it would make you stuck in the middle of the road all the time. 

Whenever I heard such things, I often thought, “Hmm, but you have not seen one in person ever.” Because I wanted to make as many people as possible understand electric vehicles better, I volunteered to join the team that would go around the country in more than a year to present the new cars in all 50 states.

The Cost Of Traveling For Work All Year Long

When I informed my wife of my decision for the first time, my request to join got approved. She was worried about it, considering I would not be able to go home often. Her worry increased when I told her that we would mostly live in trailer trucks since it would be economically impractical to try to transport the electric cars via plane. 

“Are you sure about this, honey? You have never done it before,” my wife said gently.

“I know, honey. It’s just that there are plenty of misinformed people around the country about electric vehicles. As a salesman, I feel like it’s my social obligation to teach them and spread the word that the “car of the future” is now here,” I replied.

“Will you miss us, Daddy?” my seven-year-old daughter interjected.

I chuckled lightly as I tousled her hair. “Of course, baby girl! I’ll miss you every day. But will you be good to Mom while Dad’s gone?”

“Yes, Daddy!” my daughter exclaimed before paying attention to her toys again.

Traveling For Electric Vehicle Promotion

The first day of traveling finally came. When I told my wife that we would be living in trailer trucks, I honestly thought it would all be steel walls and floor mats. However, I was pleasantly surprised upon stepping in the trailer truck as the company transformed it into a makeshift condo, complete with a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room with TV, and few bunk beds attached to the walls. Because of that, I felt optimistic that I could endure this year-long trip.

Source: pexels.com

As for the job itself, it was not too complicated. The company had already coordinated with various car events, so all we had to do was roll in, spread out, and answer people’s questions about electric vehicles. After three hours, we would jump back in the trailer trucks and move on to the following location.

The only enemy I had from the second month of being on the road was homesickness. I missed my wife and kid every day; I was not used to being away from them for so long. Then, one of the supervisors opened up about how he managed to deal with the same thing during his first traveling work – through online counseling.

What are the benefits of online counseling? 

  • It is ideal for people dealing with depression, anxiety, etc.
  • It allows you to receive mental help remotely.
  • You need not leave the house for counseling.
  • You can talk to a counselor at any time of the day.
  • The cost of online counseling is more affordable than its traditional version. 

Is online Counselling effective? 

 Yes, online counseling is effective, though only for a limited number of mental disorders.

What are the benefits of counseling? 

The primary benefit of counseling is that a mental health professional acts as your sounding board as you process your issues and possible ways to fix them. They are not supposed to direct your actions, but they can paraphrase and summarize your words in hopes of shedding light on what you are likely missing.

When you do counseling, you can get other perks like:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved personal, communication, and social skills
  • Better coping mechanisms

What is the best online counseling? 

 According to Verywell Mind, the best online counseling provider is Talkspace.

Is online therapy expensive? 

 No, online therapy is inexpensive. Assuming you pay $150 for traditional treatment, you may only need to pay $30 per hour of online treatment.

How do I know if I’m bipolar? 

 The first sign that you possibly have bipolar disorder is extreme mood swings. For instance, you feel like the king of the world one day, but then you get too depressed to leave your room the next day. Nevertheless, the only person who can diagnose you is a psychologist or psychiatrist, so try to schedule an appointment with one ASAP.

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Is BetterHelp worth the money? 

 Yes, BetterHelp is worth your hard-earned money. The platform offers licensed psychologists and therapists to their clients, so it’s impossible not to receive sound advice at a more affordable rate.

Can online therapists prescribe medicine? 

 No, online therapists are not allowed to prescribe medicine. If you think you need a prescription, you can talk to online psychiatrists.

Can you text a counselor? 

 Yes, you can text a counselor, as long as the online counseling platform you sign up to offers that service. Some cannot answer you immediately, but you may ask for a live text session anytime.

Can an online therapist diagnose you? 

 No, an online therapist cannot diagnose you. Although their license is no different from what traditional psychologists have, it is simply not allowed. You need to meet the mental health professional in person if you want to get diagnosed.

Can I talk to a counselor online for free? 

 Yes, you can. Just use the 7 Cups of Tea app.

How do I cancel my BetterHelp account? 

 To cancel your BetterHelp account, you may request its cancellation by emailing contact@betterhelp.com.

Does insurance pay for online counseling? 

 Unfortunately, no. It is highly challenging to find an insurance company that pays for online counseling, regardless if parity laws are in motion.

Why is therapy so expensive? 

 Therapy is so expensive because therapists undergo rigorous training to get licensed and certified before starting their practice. 

Can you better help write prescriptions?

No, BetterHelp therapists cannot write prescriptions for clients. If you genuinely need one, the platform has partnered with Brightside. This company can provide medications in a few states, so it may be able to help you. Otherwise, you must meet a psychiatrist in person.

Source: pexels.com

Final Thoughts

The first thing I did was try the free versions of online counseling platforms. I did not want to commit to it yet; I had never heard of such a treatment before. But once I got used to the idea of getting help online, I got a paid plan so that licensed psychologists and therapists could talk me through my homesickness at any time. I would say it worked since I managed to hold on to my sanity until we could travel back home. After that, though, I vowed only to do short-distance promotions so that I would not need to be away from my family for too long.

3 Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Vehicle

The 2019 Motorbike Event happened to promote environmental awareness, particularly to vehicle owners, which encouraged people to switch to electric vehicles. Sadly, this year’s similar event got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But if you’ve been thinking of getting an electric car for yourself, here are some things that you might want to consider.


An electric vehicle is more expensive than the cars that utilize internal combustion. Although to use one is for the best interest of the environment, it comes at a high price.

An entry-level can cost around $30,000. While Tesla Model X, a fancier brand, is twice the price at about $70,000. Because of the high cost, it gets tempting for most to get the usual internal combustion vehicle since you can get something more for the same price of an electric car.

Source: pexels.com

Battery And Charging Stations

These two factors are significant because it determines how much you can use the car. For the battery, you must consider its capacity. You must know for how long it can run in one charging, comparing it against what you need. Most people are apprehensive about electric vehicles because they worry about the distance that it can cover. Also, consider the battery life like for how long the battery can last before it needs changing since cells even experience wear and tear. 

Charging stations are equally important. Without them, an electric vehicle user can end up stranded. Research to know if there are charging stations near you. There is an option for installing a home garage charger, but it costs about $2,000.

Source: pexels.com


Consider also that electric vehicles are not conventional. Maintaining and fixing the car will need no ordinary servicing companies. If a breakdown happens and there’s a need to replace a part, it might be a challenge to get spare parts. The bottom line, maintenance for electric vehicles can be costly.

While the environment is in the best interest of electric vehicles, owning such may cost a fortune. Purchasing electric cars is no similar to getting ordinary cars, so make sure to consider the list above before buying.

Electric Vehicles: The Boons And Banes In Climate Change

The 2017 Earth Car Conference is all about sustainability and initiatives to address climate change. An essential highlight of the event is the showcasing of electric cars and other clean vehicles in celebration of Earth Day. Climate change impacts have become more evident across regions. As a contribution to the mitigation of carbon emissions, the transportation sector has come up with innovative transportation solutions. Environmentalists and businesses are working together to build a cleaner transportation future.

Many countries are already integrating electric vehicles into their transportation system. Some of them are even providing incentives to buyers of electric cars. Do electric vehicles help tackle climate change?

Source: wikimedia.org

Here are some ways on how electric vehicles help address climate change:

1. Electric Cars Emit Less Carbon Than Fuel-Type Vehicles. At present, the excessive use of fuel cars contributes large amounts to carbon emissions. Decarbonization requires the transportation sector to undertake efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Encouraging people to shift to electric vehicles can help lessen the carbon emissions of the transportation sector.

2. Using Electric Vehicles Help Reduce Harmful Pollutants From Conventional Cars. Fuel cars are known emitters of harmful tailpipe pollutants such as lead, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen. These pollutants do not only contribute to global warming but are also harmful to human health. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, produce less direct emissions.

3. Solar-Powered Vehicles Are Already In The Market. A clean energy source for charging these vehicles is already available and accessible.

Electric vehicles also have the following disadvantages:

1. The Charging Of Electric Cars Remains A Challenge. Many countries today heavily depend on fossil fuels for their primary energy source. Because of this, the charging of electric vehicles may still contribute to carbon emissions. However, more and more countries are already shifting to renewable energy sources. Charging options for electric cars are to improve in the future.

2. Electric Cars Use Batteries Made From Materials Harmful To The Environment. At present, many electric vehicles rely on lithium-ion batteries. If these batteries are not properly recycled, it may result in toxic waste.

Source: flickr.com

Climate change impacts will worsen if countries fail to decarbonize. Thankfully, the transportation sector has become more innovative in doing its part in helping solve the climate crisis. Notwithstanding some disadvantages, the emergence of electric vehicles has made the future of our climate more promising.


Why Senior Citizens May Love Electric Vehicles

Source: pixabay.com

Thinking of getting a car for a senior citizen in your family is such a sweet gesture. Their current auto may already be a couple of decades old, and it is not safe to drive anymore. If the step is high, they may no longer be able to climb up.

If you haven’t decided on what model to buy yet, you should consider getting an electric car. Here’s why.

The Car Does Not Need To Warm Up

The primary reason is that senior citizens don’t need to wait for the fuel to combust before rolling out of their garage. You can think of an electric car as a battery-operated vehicle in this sense. As soon as you power it up, it will function steadily. The elders can even speed up once they enter the freeway if they want.

It Is More Low Maintenance Than Regular Vehicles

Conventional autos require servicing several times a year. The oil needs changing regularly, the engine parts require monitoring, and the wheels sometimes have to be vulcanized.

Although those things are necessary, seniors honestly don’t always have time or strength to get such services. For that reason alone, they are better off with an electric car. Its engine does not have a lot of parts; there’s no oil or gunk to filter out because it uses electrical energy. Thus, it does not need servicing as much as conventional vehicles.

Source: pixabay.com

The Small-Sized EVs Are Perfect For Short Trips Around Town

You will find electric cars that seem to fit a couple of individuals. They are perfect for one or two senior citizens who want to go somewhere in town without walking or taking a cab. They may be able to move past the traffic or worry about parking because of the size. The level of comfort does not suffer despite that because the auto still has an air-conditioning unit and cushioned seats. The only difference is that the casing is more compact than others.

Some Cars Can Drive On Their Own

Have you watched videos of YouTube personalities eating or doing their makeup in a car without their hands on the steering wheel? They are not suicidal – they are merely riding in an electric vehicle that you can switch to self-driving mode anytime.

The benefit of obtaining a similar auto for the elders is that their arms won’t get tired, and they can relax even when they are in the driver’s seat. It still matters to watch the road like a hawk and be ready to steer the wheel anytime, but it may not be essential if the path is straight and there are not a lot of cars.

Source: pixabay.com

Final Thoughts

I know that electric cars are a little more expensive than regular vehicles of the same size. They may not be your first choice, especially if you are on a budget. However, think about the advantages of gifting one to your elderly parent or grandparent.

An electric vehicle requires low maintenance. A senior citizen does not need to step on the pedals hard to rev up the engine ever. The car does not take up much space. Best of all, it can function without the elder’s hands on the steering wheel the entire time.

Aren’t these facts enough reason to buy an electric vehicle for senior citizens?

The Negative Side Of Owning An Electric Car

Source: pixabay.com

I have always found electric cars so appealing. I grew up with appliances all over the house, big or small. I am used to seeing electricity work as I watch TV, reheat some food in the microwave, or turn on the air conditioning unit. However, I never knew that electrical energy could power up a real car until I saw my neighbor rolling out of his driveway in one.

Now, it has never been in my nature to knock on a neighbor’s door to ask for anything. I find it annoying when it happens to me, and I am sure that they feel the same. But when I saw the electric vehicle, all my principles went out of the window. I walked up to my neighbor as he’s backing out of his garage, exchanged pleasantries, and told him how much I admired cars like his.

What I did not expect, though, were my neighbor’s next words. He said, “If you are thinking of buying one, think again.” Of course, I had to prod for answers to my why’s, and so he told me the downsides of owning an electric car.

You Can’t Help But Procrastinate Sometimes

Charging an electric vehicle can take up to 12 hours, depending on the model. In case you plug it in at 7 PM, you can easily use it again by 7 AM. If you charge the car sooner than that, your ride will be ready before you even wake up.

Source: pixabay.com

The thing is, you can’t always guarantee your early return to the house. Sometimes, you may need to attend a company event or a family gathering that can last until midnight. If your call time in the morning is supposed to be at 8 AM, you may have to adjust that because your car will only be fully charged a few hours after that.

It Is Difficult To Find A Charging Station Everywhere

Another challenge of being an electric car owner is finding a charging station away from home. The reason is that not every city or town has one, regardless if more electric vehicles are seen on the road. And in case you have luck in finding one, the queue may already be too long.

According to my neighbor, there was a time when he had to call a tow truck because his car stopped in the middle of the desert. There was no charging station in sight. Even if there’s one, he would have to spend an entire day there. So, he never got to his destination and went back home instead.

The Car May Not Be 100% Eco-Friendly

Electric cars run after plugging it into a socket. People say that it is eco-friendly, but many electrical corporations use non-renewable sources of energy. Therefore, such vehicles are indirectly burning fossil fuels.

Final Thoughts

Source: pixabay.com

Admittedly, my love for electric cars has slightly dwindled after hearing about such facts that no manufacturer will ever talk about. Despite that, I believe that having one is still better than getting a conventional vehicle because it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Signs An Electric Car Is Perfect For You

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Driving is among the many things I love. My dad taught me how to do it even before I turned 16. We would go around the town together with me in the driver’s seat while he would sit at the passenger’s side, pointing out what I should sometimes do. Thus, when it was time for me to apply for a license, I aced the written and practical exams with flying colors.

Fast forward to 2019, I am almost 25 years old now, and I still love driving. I have bought my first auto recently, too–an electric car.

Yes, it has taken me almost a decade before getting a vehicle despite my passion for driving. I used not to get bothered by the fact that I was driving my dad’s old car. I’d much rather do that than pay for something that I knew I didn’t want deep down in my heart. But when I saw an electric vehicle, it was love at first ride.

Now, rechargeable cars are not for everyone. It will only be perfect for you if:

You Are Into Eco-Friendly Stuff

In case you have not seen one in person, you should know that electric vehicles only run on electrical energy. It does not burn through diesel, gasoline, and other oils. So, you can say that you are doing something great for the environment by getting one.

You Are Single Or Has A Small Family

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Their sizes usually tend to be on the small side, although manufacturers are starting to make electric vans. Building a large auto, after all, will mean needing more electricity and raising its market value. Because of that, it is the right car for single people or individuals with a small family.

You Don’t Do Road Trips

Road trips are exciting, especially during summertime. You can go to the next state with your windows down or travel a thousand miles to see a beautiful beach.

However, long travels may not be suitable for an electric car. You see, while their popularity has risen over the years, there are still some areas that don’t have charging ports available. If you find any, it may already be too crowded then due to the other tourists. Not to mention, an electric vehicle is not like a conventional one that will run again as soon as you fill it up with gas.

So, an electric car is only perfect for you if you like traveling long distances by air.

You Don’t Mind Waiting For Your Car To Recharge

The last indication that an electric vehicle will suit your taste is that you have lengthy patience. After all, it should stay plugged in for up to 12 hours, depending on its model. Getting impatient will not speed up the charging time, so you should buy an electric car if you don’t mind waiting.

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Final Thoughts

Despite the benefits that come with having an electric vehicle, there’s no doubt that one size doesn’t fit all. It may be for me, but it may not be for you, and that’s okay. Nevertheless, if you are considering to get an electric car, you should identify the signs above.

Good luck!

3 Kinds Of People Who Shouldn’t Buy An Electric Car

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I have been in love with electric cars for as long as I can remember. My fascination with it started during a history class in which the teacher said that the first electric vehicle was built in the 1800s. I used to believe that Tesla created and invented the EVs, but it became apparent that people had been making versions of it a couple of centuries ago. I do not have any idea how such inventors have managed to do that, but they have achieved amazing results and paved the way for modern-day wonders like Elon Musk.

Because electric cars have a soft spot in my heart, I tend to recommend buying one to friends, colleagues, and family members who need a new auto. Not only are they perfect for the environment, but they also work almost the same as conventional vehicles. Still, there are three kinds of individuals whom I push towards the latter more than the former.

Avid Car Travelers

Avid travelers are the people who love going on long drives or road trips. They enjoy the thrill of crossing a few thousand miles to be able to try a new activity or see a cool attraction. Of course, they do not find it fun to get on a plane to reach their destination, as doing so will not give them the full experience.

If you love covering long distances on land, you should not buy an electric car. It may last for approximately 12 hours, which sounds enough to go to another state or two. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to stay at a hotel that lets you charge a vehicle. The worst-case scenario is that your EV runs out of juice, you cannot find a charging port anywhere, and you have no choice but to tow it all the way back to your hometown.

Impatient Folks

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Riding an automatic vehicle is ideal for people who cannot stand waiting for the engine to warm up. As soon as they start the car, they can roll out of the driveway and go anywhere they want. Driving it is even easier because there is no need to learn how the stick shift works.

The thing is, it may be a challenge to experience the same level of convenience in an electric car. It functions as an automatic vehicle – that is true. You will not find a stick shift – that is another fact. Despite that, if you forget to charge it at night, you will see yourself waiting in the driveway anywhere from six to 12 hours. In case you have too many important meetings to go to, you may need to book an Uber ride or ask a friend to let you carpool with them. Either idea sounds like a hassle if you ask me.

Family Men (Or Women)

A man or woman who always has kids and other relatives in tow wherever they go cannot drive a five-seater car. It may not even be advisable to buy an SUV because it only has room for up to seven or eight individuals. Their only option is to get a van so that no one will have to use the public mode of transportation.

While there are electric vans on the market now, they may not be the best choice for family men or women. The reason is that they tend to be pricier than regular vans. The faster the charging time is, the costlier the car can be. During an emergency, it will be useless if you have not charged it. It will still be more practical to stick with regular auto.

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Final Thoughts

Considering you know that you are one of those people mentioned above, but you still want to get an electric car, you should proceed with caution. It may not fit your lifestyle or budget; there may be days when you will blame yourself for getting that vehicle. Still, the choice is yours.

Good luck!