The Negative Side Of Owning An Electric Car


I have always found electric cars so appealing. I grew up with appliances all over the house, big or small. I am used to seeing electricity work as I watch TV, reheat some food in the microwave, or turn on the air conditioning unit. However, I never knew that electrical energy could power up a real car until I saw my neighbor rolling out of his driveway in one.

Now, it has never been in my nature to knock on a neighbor’s door to ask for anything. I find it annoying when it happens to me, and I am sure that they feel the same. But when I saw the electric vehicle, all my principles went out of the window. I walked up to my neighbor as he’s backing out of his garage, exchanged pleasantries, and told him how much I admired cars like his.

What I did not expect, though, were my neighbor’s next words. He said, “If you are thinking of buying one, think again.” Of course, I had to prod for answers to my why’s, and so he told me the downsides of owning an electric car.

You Can’t Help But Procrastinate Sometimes

Charging an electric vehicle can take up to 12 hours, depending on the model. In case you plug it in at 7 PM, you can easily use it again by 7 AM. If you charge the car sooner than that, your ride will be ready before you even wake up.


The thing is, you can’t always guarantee your early return to the house. Sometimes, you may need to attend a company event or a family gathering that can last until midnight. If your call time in the morning is supposed to be at 8 AM, you may have to adjust that because your car will only be fully charged a few hours after that.

It Is Difficult To Find A Charging Station Everywhere

Another challenge of being an electric car owner is finding a charging station away from home. The reason is that not every city or town has one, regardless if more electric vehicles are seen on the road. And in case you have luck in finding one, the queue may already be too long.

According to my neighbor, there was a time when he had to call a tow truck because his car stopped in the middle of the desert. There was no charging station in sight. Even if there’s one, he would have to spend an entire day there. So, he never got to his destination and went back home instead.

The Car May Not Be 100% Eco-Friendly

Electric cars run after plugging it into a socket. People say that it is eco-friendly, but many electrical corporations use non-renewable sources of energy. Therefore, such vehicles are indirectly burning fossil fuels.

Final Thoughts


Admittedly, my love for electric cars has slightly dwindled after hearing about such facts that no manufacturer will ever talk about. Despite that, I believe that having one is still better than getting a conventional vehicle because it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Signs An Electric Car Is Perfect For You


Driving is among the many things I love. My dad taught me how to do it even before I turned 16. We would go around the town together with me in the driver’s seat while he would sit at the passenger’s side, pointing out what I should sometimes do. Thus, when it was time for me to apply for a license, I aced the written and practical exams with flying colors.

Fast forward to 2019, I am almost 25 years old now, and I still love driving. I have bought my first auto recently, too–an electric car.

Yes, it has taken me almost a decade before getting a vehicle despite my passion for driving. I used not to get bothered by the fact that I was driving my dad’s old car. I’d much rather do that than pay for something that I knew I didn’t want deep down in my heart. But when I saw an electric vehicle, it was love at first ride.

Now, rechargeable cars are not for everyone. It will only be perfect for you if:

You Are Into Eco-Friendly Stuff

In case you have not seen one in person, you should know that electric vehicles only run on electrical energy. It does not burn through diesel, gasoline, and other oils. So, you can say that you are doing something great for the environment by getting one.

You Are Single Or Has A Small Family


Their sizes usually tend to be on the small side, although manufacturers are starting to make electric vans. Building a large auto, after all, will mean needing more electricity and raising its market value. Because of that, it is the right car for single people or individuals with a small family.

You Don’t Do Road Trips

Road trips are exciting, especially during summertime. You can go to the next state with your windows down or travel a thousand miles to see a beautiful beach.

However, long travels may not be suitable for an electric car. You see, while their popularity has risen over the years, there are still some areas that don’t have charging ports available. If you find any, it may already be too crowded then due to the other tourists. Not to mention, an electric vehicle is not like a conventional one that will run again as soon as you fill it up with gas.

So, an electric car is only perfect for you if you like traveling long distances by air.

You Don’t Mind Waiting For Your Car To Recharge

The last indication that an electric vehicle will suit your taste is that you have lengthy patience. After all, it should stay plugged in for up to 12 hours, depending on its model. Getting impatient will not speed up the charging time, so you should buy an electric car if you don’t mind waiting.


Final Thoughts

Despite the benefits that come with having an electric vehicle, there’s no doubt that one size doesn’t fit all. It may be for me, but it may not be for you, and that’s okay. Nevertheless, if you are considering to get an electric car, you should identify the signs above.

Good luck!

3 Kinds Of People Who Shouldn’t Buy An Electric Car


I have been in love with electric cars for as long as I can remember. My fascination with it started during a history class in which the teacher said that the first electric vehicle was built in the 1800s. I used to believe that Tesla created and invented the EVs, but it became apparent that people had been making versions of it a couple of centuries ago. I do not have any idea how such inventors have managed to do that, but they have achieved amazing results and paved the way for modern-day wonders like Elon Musk.

Because electric cars have a soft spot in my heart, I tend to recommend buying one to friends, colleagues, and family members who need a new auto. Not only are they perfect for the environment, but they also work almost the same as conventional vehicles. Still, there are three kinds of individuals whom I push towards the latter more than the former.

Avid Car Travelers

Avid travelers are the people who love going on long drives or road trips. They enjoy the thrill of crossing a few thousand miles to be able to try a new activity or see a cool attraction. Of course, they do not find it fun to get on a plane to reach their destination, as doing so will not give them the full experience.

If you love covering long distances on land, you should not buy an electric car. It may last for approximately 12 hours, which sounds enough to go to another state or two. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to stay at a hotel that lets you charge a vehicle. The worst-case scenario is that your EV runs out of juice, you cannot find a charging port anywhere, and you have no choice but to tow it all the way back to your hometown.

Impatient Folks


Riding an automatic vehicle is ideal for people who cannot stand waiting for the engine to warm up. As soon as they start the car, they can roll out of the driveway and go anywhere they want. Driving it is even easier because there is no need to learn how the stick shift works.

The thing is, it may be a challenge to experience the same level of convenience in an electric car. It functions as an automatic vehicle – that is true. You will not find a stick shift – that is another fact. Despite that, if you forget to charge it at night, you will see yourself waiting in the driveway anywhere from six to 12 hours. In case you have too many important meetings to go to, you may need to book an Uber ride or ask a friend to let you carpool with them. Either idea sounds like a hassle if you ask me.

Family Men (Or Women)

A man or woman who always has kids and other relatives in tow wherever they go cannot drive a five-seater car. It may not even be advisable to buy an SUV because it only has room for up to seven or eight individuals. Their only option is to get a van so that no one will have to use the public mode of transportation.

While there are electric vans on the market now, they may not be the best choice for family men or women. The reason is that they tend to be pricier than regular vans. The faster the charging time is, the costlier the car can be. During an emergency, it will be useless if you have not charged it. It will still be more practical to stick with regular auto.


Final Thoughts

Considering you know that you are one of those people mentioned above, but you still want to get an electric car, you should proceed with caution. It may not fit your lifestyle or budget; there may be days when you will blame yourself for getting that vehicle. Still, the choice is yours.

Good luck!

Stress-Inducing Issues That May Be Solved By An Electric Car, Not A Psychologist


Once upon a time, I had an opportunity to follow a psychologist around for a month while doing my undergrad thesis. Sometimes, I could sit in her office and observe as she does a consultation with a client. Other times, the family of a patient would request for no one else to be there but the mental health expert, which we respect.

What I have realized through that experience is that more people are willing to go to a psychologist’s clinic than you think. Different kinds of individuals set an appointment with them, and the problems they hear about can be so unique that they are practically off the charts. I have spoken to a man, for instance, who has not slept for two weeks in fear of getting nightmares. There’s also this other person whose brother is afraid of taking a shower. I mean no disrespect towards the people who have to live with such conditions, but they are admittedly more complicated than depression or social anxiety.

Nevertheless, one case that may forever be etched in my mind is that of a woman who’s so stressed about everything — from her exhausting job down to her pickup truck. She would say, “I can’t handle my work; I have too many projects at once. My car consumes too much gasoline, too. I hate going behind the wheels and seeing I have to gas up again.”


Hmm. The work-related stress, I get it. It is advisable to see a psychologist when dealing with such a problem so that you can reinstate balance between your life and work. However, getting stressed over a vehicle is not something that a mental health professional can help you fix. No, I think what may have helped the woman more is exchanging her pickup truck with an electric car. “As important as it is to figure out what factors are affecting you and causing your symptoms of stress, it is extremely important to understand yourself and what you need to help you based on your individuality,” explains Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D., who is a neuropsychologist, board-certified health psychologist, and a board-certified sports psychologist. “Each person is unique, yet the majority of all methods and approaches to treatment are generalized and rarely take into account a variety of factors, such as gender, weight, and how your body responds.”

Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car

  1. It Is Energy Efficient

The first thing that makes electric vehicles better than conventional ones is that a good portion (59% to 62%) of the energy goes into running the car. There’s no need to rev it up or heat the engine because it will accelerate even if you don’t do that. Thus, the lesser amount of energy the auto consumes, the more money you will manage to save.

  1. It Requires Low Maintenance

One reason why an electric car is low maintenance is that you can treat it like an iPhone or laptop. It will function for most of the day, take you anywhere you want in your town or city. When you come home, you need to plug it in so that the vehicle will function the next morning again. Easy-peasy.

Furthermore, electric cars don’t have as many parts as regular autos. You don’t have to do an oil change after running for thousands of miles because it does not use fuel. There are no gaskets and other parts to replace routinely as well. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it underperforming as long as you make sure that its battery is charged.

  1. It Is Better For The Environment Than Any Other Vehicle

An electric vehicle is also better for the environment, in the sense that it does not add to the pollution that we are all suffering from. As mentioned above, the car does not run on fuel, so it won’t give off smoke while it’s running. It may indirectly consume fossil fuel if you use the electricity at home to charge the car, but you won’t be burning through gallons after gallons of it a few times a day. Moreover, “Emotions, relationships, and our personal and social identities are all affected by natural environments,” says Susan Clayton, Ph.D. “People are a part of the environment, and sustainability requires us to think about people, nature and the ways in which they’re connected.”

To Sum Things Up

Isn’t it fascinating how making a single change in your life can have an impact on so many things? “Remaining cognitively flexible and adaptable to the flow of life makes you resilient to life’s changes and disappointments,” wrote Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.⁷ And so she says, “If the cost is too high or the goal out of reach, the healthy thing to do is to let go and change your way of looking at the situation.” When you trade your auto that runs on gasoline or diesel and gets an electric car instead, saving your money is not all you can do. There are not a lot of vehicular parts to worry about, so your trips to repair centers may lessen. It has a battery-powered engine, not a combustion one; hence, the car will not produce gases that are harmful to all living things. Not to mention, the energy does not have to travel through various areas; that’s why it is quick to accelerate from one point to another.

Of course, if you want a vehicle that runs at top speed, an electric car is not what you should be looking for. However, in case you merely want to get around the city without a hassle, this is for you.

Good luck!

EV Benefit: Less Noise Pollution (Therapists Agree It Lessens Mental Health Issues)


There are a lot of benefits of electric vehicles (EV). EV’s do not produce the tailpipe emissions that come directly burning fossil fuels. These emissions contribute to climate change by providing harmful air pollution. EV’s are relatively quieter than regular cars because they do not have combustion engines and exhaust systems like a regular vehicle. Driving a loud car seems to boost self-esteem to other people, but it can be very irritating to some. Therapists will agree to that.

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Why Don’t People Buy Electric Vehicles?


With all the stress and anxiety of having a car, the electric vehicle gets recently advised for a lot for people. There’s so many grants and assistance to buy one. People don’t have an issue in servicing cost because it is way more affordable compared to the usual vehicles. There’s no oil filter in it, and the breaks don’t wear off quickly as well. There are a lot of compensations like driving in bus lanes and specific areas where people can get away from the congestion zones. With that so many advantages, why is everyone not buying one? There’s got to be a reason behind it. Let’s look into each of these particular reasons in turn and see what we can come up with it.

Know Nothing About Electric Vehicles

Yes, there are tons of information people can look up to, but that’s not enough for them. There are some who don’t seem to understand the advantage of having an EV. That instead of looking at its significant contribution to every individual’s life and the environment, others are trying to look for complications in it. There’s this mentality that electric vehicles will not be the appropriate car for specific occasions.

Sellers Focus On The Hybrids

When people visit a car store, no seller will immediately introduce them to an EV. Often, they will ramp up hybrid vehicles because they assume that it is more of what the customers need. That explains why some sellers don’t entertain or try to sell one EV even to those interested ones. Therefore, it makes people avoid buying it because most dealers don’t often spend time explaining electric vehicles’ benefits.


People Stick To The Usual

The problem with people is the mindset of using a vehicle. Several people want to have a car for convenience. They want it to become part of their everyday life and help them get through whatever errands they may need daily. However, there are the ones who use these vehicles only to show off. It is not that others should have to care about why people buy cars, but it’s another contributing factor why EVs are getting little less attention up to this present day.

The Hassle

Instead of looking at EVs most significant contribution to the environment, most people imagine the range of anxiety and hassle of electric vehicles’ charging networks as well as handling one. As much as possible, people want to have a car that supports the range of things they do daily. They want things to become more manageable. So for them, taking care of an EV will only cost them additional time, energy, and effort. In worse cases, they assume that its cost can become more than the usual hybrid cars.

It Won’t Support Long Journey

One misconception of EVs is its underrated capability. People don’t buy them because they believe that electric vehicles are not capable of taking a long journey. They are so much concern that the car might get stuck on the road due to the battery, charging and mechanical issues. They often ignore the fact that the case is also similar to those ordinary cars whenever it emptied its gas or about to lose its breaks. Therefore, the argument there is not entirely convincing. Still, people use the same excuse over and over again only to avoid buying an electric car.


Societal Issue

Again, everything people do always depend on their mindset. So for them, to use an electric car, they should first recognize its purpose. However, some people know and understand the value of getting an EV. But they feel no obligation in doing so because others are still not doing it. There’s this buildup standard in society that locks people into believing that hybrid cars are the best when it comes to services. Perhaps it could be true. But electric vehicles are way more environmental and human-friendly vehicles that people often ignore.

Not everybody is just going to buy electric vehicles just because it’s efficient, user and environmentally friendly. People need more than that. The fact that they can look for reasons not to buy is enough to know they merely don’t care about the environment. It’s hard, but they should find a way to change that type of mindset before it’s too late.

2015 Detroit Auto Show: Buy A New Car

Buying a new car is not something that you can decide spontaneously. There is a necessity on your part of making an effort think of it properly. Take note that you have to be careful in choosing an automotive. Do not waste your money into something that does not offer you any significant benefits. Allow me to share some of the smart tips I learned from the different collectors who attended the successful 2015 Detroit auto show.



For sure, you will learn a lot from these individuals. Below are some of the things to keep in mind:

Research First

As much as possible, acquire more knowledge about the different car manufacturers in your area. Learn about the latest models of each brand so that you can widen your selection. At the same time, read more about what makes each model unique from one another.

Connect With A Car Enthusiast

If you have no idea how to decide about your car purchase, one of the things that you can do is to connect with someone who is into collecting cars. Learn from this car enthusiast so that you will not make an error in buying the vehicle.




Check Your Budget

Do not forget the significance of knowing your budget when it comes to searching for a car to buy. Keep in mind that it is an essential consideration because it will limit your choices. If you only have a limited budget, then you have to choose the low-end models as the high-end ones can be expensive.

The best thing that you can do at this moment is to check the reviews of each model that you like. Take into consideration several factors to ensure that you can make a smart decision. You can get your dream car if you make an effort to do it.

The Inner Workings Of A Hybrid Electric Car


Owning a car can sometimes be a necessity for Americans. Cars can be beneficial, especially for anyone who has a family. However, nearly all vehicles and other similar ones run on gasoline or diesel, which are both fossil fuels. When used to power an engine, fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming. Many people face the dilemma of having to use a vehicle that adds to destroying the environment.

To compromise, many people have decided to use a hybrid electric car. These vehicles utilize an electric motor in conjunction with an engine that runs on gas or diesel. Hybrids command higher price tags, but they have better fuel economy and produce smaller amounts of greenhouse gases. What exactly makes hybrid electric cars work? Delving deeper into their inner workings will help us understand how and why they work.

Dual Engines

A hybrid electric car is what it sounds like precisely. It is a combined version of a conventional car and an electric car. It has the option to draw power from either electricity or fuel. By itself, this arrangement doesn’t necessarily lead to better fuel economy and a more environmentally-friendly vehicle. However, the key here is efficiency: the two prime movers work in a way that allows them to complement each other, improving overall performance.

In many models, the usual mode of operation involves only one prime mover. That is, just the conventional engine or the electric motor is driving the wheels for most of the car’s operations. The power source is chosen based on the driving conditions, as peak efficiency for each power driver is mainly dependent on environmental conditions.

The conventional motor is usually more powerful than the electric motor, and it is often more efficient when used in high-speed settings. In contrast, the electric motor is generally weaker but more energy-efficient under low load conditions. Hence, people usually use the conventional engine during highway travel or when high travel speeds are required. For shorter trips such as those used within cities, the electric motor is used to help conserve energy. An onboard computer continuously analyzes factors such as vehicle speed and load, and it uses this information to determine which engine or motor to operate.

Many cars use a parallel configuration. This arrangement enables the use of both prime movers, which can come in handy if maximum power is required.



Since hybrid vehicles have an electric motor, these vehicles also need to carry a battery to store an electrical charge that will drive the motor. Conventional hybrids charge the battery whenever they use gas-powered engines. Some power diverts from the wheels towards the cell. While there is lost of some usable energy as heat during the transformation, the increased efficiency of having an electric motor outweighs any cost.

For many models, a feature called regenerative braking also helps recharge the onboard battery. Whenever the car uses its brakes, some of the kinetic energy of the vehicle is used to drive the electric motor in reverse. The engine essentially becomes a generator, allowing it to generate power while slowing down the car.

The Advantages Of Hybrid Vehicles

As discussed earlier, hybrid vehicles take advantage of the differing efficiencies of conventional engines and electric motors. By selectively operating each prime mover, hybrid cars can always use the more efficient prime mover for any scenario. The parallel configuration takes the concept even further by allowing simultaneous usage of both movers during high-power scenarios.

Hybrid vehicles have better fuel economy compared to traditional cars that only use a gasoline or diesel engine. Of course, they also produce less pollution, as the increase in energy efficiency means that less fuel needs to be consumed to travel the same distance. Due to the presence of the battery, the engines used by hybrid cars can be made more compact and efficient.


Compared to purely electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles provide more flexibility, range, and power. Current electric motors used in cars have some trouble operating at high power outputs for extended periods. Hence, electric vehicles may find it difficult to traverse long distances or go up steep slopes. By having a conventional engine as a fallback, hybrid cars can surpass this problem.

A newer kind of hybrid car takes things a step further. Called plug-in hybrid electric cars, or PHEVs, these vehicles allow the external charger to fuel up their internal batteries. This arrangement enables drivers to have a greater say on which power source to use for their cars. Potentially, achieving further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will occur if electricity sourced from renewable sources is used to charge the vehicle.

Of course, there is also the added flexibility of having the option to use electricity or gas to use the car. This choice can be convenient for many car owners, assuring them of a steadier supply of power for their vehicle.