Stress-Inducing Issues That May Be Solved By An Electric Car, Not A Psychologist


Once upon a time, I had an opportunity to follow a psychologist around for a month while doing my undergrad thesis. Sometimes, I could sit in her office and observe as she does a consultation with a client. Other times, the family of a patient would request for no one else to be there but the mental health expert, which we respect.

What I have realized through that experience is that more people are willing to go to a psychologist’s clinic than you think. Different kinds of individuals set an appointment with them, and the problems they hear about can be so unique that they are practically off the charts. I have spoken to a man, for instance, who has not slept for two weeks in fear of getting nightmares. There’s also this other person whose brother is afraid of taking a shower. I mean no disrespect towards the people who have to live with such conditions, but they are admittedly more complicated than depression or social anxiety.

Nevertheless, one case that may forever be etched in my mind is that of a woman who’s so stressed about everything — from her exhausting job down to her pickup truck. She would say, “I can’t handle my work; I have too many projects at once. My car consumes too much gasoline, too. I hate going behind the wheels and seeing I have to gas up again.”


Hmm. The work-related stress, I get it. It is advisable to see a psychologist when dealing with such a problem so that you can reinstate balance between your life and work. However, getting stressed over a vehicle is not something that a mental health professional can help you fix. No, I think what may have helped the woman more is exchanging her pickup truck with an electric car. “As important as it is to figure out what factors are affecting you and causing your symptoms of stress, it is extremely important to understand yourself and what you need to help you based on your individuality,” explains Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D., who is a neuropsychologist, board-certified health psychologist, and a board-certified sports psychologist. “Each person is unique, yet the majority of all methods and approaches to treatment are generalized and rarely take into account a variety of factors, such as gender, weight, and how your body responds.”

Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car

  1. It Is Energy Efficient

The first thing that makes electric vehicles better than conventional ones is that a good portion (59% to 62%) of the energy goes into running the car. There’s no need to rev it up or heat the engine because it will accelerate even if you don’t do that. Thus, the lesser amount of energy the auto consumes, the more money you will manage to save.

  1. It Requires Low Maintenance

One reason why an electric car is low maintenance is that you can treat it like an iPhone or laptop. It will function for most of the day, take you anywhere you want in your town or city. When you come home, you need to plug it in so that the vehicle will function the next morning again. Easy-peasy.

Furthermore, electric cars don’t have as many parts as regular autos. You don’t have to do an oil change after running for thousands of miles because it does not use fuel. There are no gaskets and other parts to replace routinely as well. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it underperforming as long as you make sure that its battery is charged.

  1. It Is Better For The Environment Than Any Other Vehicle

An electric vehicle is also better for the environment, in the sense that it does not add to the pollution that we are all suffering from. As mentioned above, the car does not run on fuel, so it won’t give off smoke while it’s running. It may indirectly consume fossil fuel if you use the electricity at home to charge the car, but you won’t be burning through gallons after gallons of it a few times a day. Moreover, “Emotions, relationships, and our personal and social identities are all affected by natural environments,” says Susan Clayton, Ph.D. “People are a part of the environment, and sustainability requires us to think about people, nature and the ways in which they’re connected.”

To Sum Things Up

Isn’t it fascinating how making a single change in your life can have an impact on so many things? “Remaining cognitively flexible and adaptable to the flow of life makes you resilient to life’s changes and disappointments,” wrote Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.⁷ And so she says, “If the cost is too high or the goal out of reach, the healthy thing to do is to let go and change your way of looking at the situation.” When you trade your auto that runs on gasoline or diesel and gets an electric car instead, saving your money is not all you can do. There are not a lot of vehicular parts to worry about, so your trips to repair centers may lessen. It has a battery-powered engine, not a combustion one; hence, the car will not produce gases that are harmful to all living things. Not to mention, the energy does not have to travel through various areas; that’s why it is quick to accelerate from one point to another.

Of course, if you want a vehicle that runs at top speed, an electric car is not what you should be looking for. However, in case you merely want to get around the city without a hassle, this is for you.

Good luck!

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