EV Benefit: Less Noise Pollution (Therapists Agree It Lessens Mental Health Issues)

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There are a lot of benefits of electric vehicles (EV). EV’s do not produce the tailpipe emissions that come directly burning fossil fuels. These emissions contribute to climate change by providing harmful air pollution. EV’s are relatively quieter than regular cars because they do not have combustion engines and exhaust systems like a regular vehicle. Driving a loud car seems to boost self-esteem to other people, but it can be very irritating to some. Therapists will agree to that.

Noise pollution might seem like it’s a small thing to consider in terms of environmental health and the well-being of people but studies that connect noise pollution to negate e impacts on the environment and even to people. Noise pollution can be linked to increased anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, and heart disease. Research also found that this can have mental and emotional effects as well.

Some research shows that noise pollution also links to chronic diseases and can increase your regular heartbeat rate that leads to heart failure. “Anything that can create agitation, irritation, or changes in blood pressure can trigger fibrillation,” explains Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician in Washington. “It’s not surprising that irritable noise, or noise in general when someone is looking for quiet, could trigger this in the cardiac system.” Moreover, since noise pollution can cause anxiety and depression and other mental disorders, a person can have other serious problems and can lead to chronic diseases. It might seem so severe for something that is not being thought about but this can happen, and it can happen to you or a loved one.

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Also, drivers can have a long term trauma to the sound of their vehicles. They can even have hearing problems because of the loud revving of their cars. Also when you go to a quiet place like a park, you could hear loud revving’s of cars and motorcycles on the street and will put you off a good mood. “When noise reaches a certain level, you can no longer perceive important stimuli in your environment, like people talking to you, or your attention is drawn away from these important stimuli by other acoustic signals,” says Jenny Saffran, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Your time to unwind and relax in an open and airy space can be cut short because of this issue.

“Perhaps the most serious problem created by sound pollution is the impact it has on health,” wrote Elizabeth Scott, M.S. “Because sound pollution can trigger the body’s stress response, one of its major health effects is chronic stress and the high levels of stress hormones that go with it.” Indeed, noise pollution can contribute to higher stress levels that can worsen existing health conditions. Urban areas are the most significant contributors of noise pollutions. This is where we find the most significant population of people and vehicles every day. Vehicle traffic contributes to about 55% of the noise pollution and living in urban areas with a large population can significantly affect your health.

Additionally, research says that noise pollution is associated with having a hard time falling asleep ad this can lead to other problems with your health and your body cannot function properly if it is not well rested. Sleep quantity may be compromised for people who are living in areas that are highly exposed to nighttime noise pollution.

Researchers claim that reducing traffic-related noise can help combat illness like anxiety and depression. Also, it can combat chronic illness. Obesity can be linked to noise pollution, too. If we take action and try to reduce noise pollution, we could help save lives and help people get better. Even a small step towards reducing noise pollution is the first step for other people to follow.

Not only cars and motorcycles produce noise pollution but also trucks, buses, and other vehicle forms. Especially if they are gas powered, it is hard to avoid situations like this, and this is one of the causes of your everyday stress even if you do not notice the problem right away. You might be going to work, and suddenly you will be irritated because of the noise a person makes through his car, and it will set you off in a bad mood that could potentially ruin your day. A simple action like this has a more significant impact, and it often goes unnoticed.

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Right now, EVs are a relatively new thing for people. There are only a few of these, and they can be quite expensive. It is also hard to use because you will need to charge your vehicle and there is not a lot of charging stations around because this is not yet fully developed. If we stood hand In hand and help each other combat noise pollution, we could make a big difference.

Not only will we help with environmental problems that come with noise pollution, but we can also reduce or even eliminate sickness and diseases that are linked with this. There are still a few people who have little to no knowledge when it comes to EVs, and we have to help each other learn and be more aware and conscious of our environment.

Do your part and research about EVs; the benefits of having one and the effects it can have on our environment. This will let you see clearer about this topic and how much gas powered vehicles are affecting our health. It not only produces noise pollutions but it also delivers harmful chemicals that we inhale every day. This also affects our body and overall health, and we must be aware of this.

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