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Our world has experienced a massive change since the beginning of time. If you resurrect the people from the past, they most likely would not recognize the world we live in. The people from the distant past would not identify light and all the machines we use nowadays. The 2015 Seattle Renewable Energy Week conveys the different types of renewable energy to make people more aware of where they get the power for the machines and appliances they use every day. Creating energy is a long and arduous process that’s why it is essential that people know this that they may help to conserve it.


Six Types of renewable energy:


Hydroelectric Energy


This type of power is created by moving water. It is made by converting energy from water lifted by the sun.


Solar Energy


This type of energy gets power from nuclear fusion from the sun. The process involves solar water heating with solar collectors for domestic use. It could also be done by converting sunlight to electrical energy via photovoltaic cells.


Wind Power


This type of energy relies on the movement of the atmosphere which is driven by the varying temperature at the Earth’s surface when lit by sunlight. It is utilized to pump water or generate electricity. However, it may require more areal coverage to produce an extensive amount of energy.




This type of energy is derived from plants. The most widely used is the burning of woods from trees for cooking and warmth. It contributes to the pollution as it releases carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere.


Hydrogen And Fuel Cells


Hydrogen is converted into fuel for transportation. It could contribute to the reduction of pollution when utilized.


Geothermal Power


This type of energy comes from the original accretion of the Earth amplified by heat from radioactive decay.


Source: pixabay.com


All of us rely on energy for our everyday lives. Even the people who live a simple and basic life need fire to cook food and warmth when the weather is cold. The Earth, indeed, is in dire need of it because it simply is life nowadays. The 2015 Seattle Renewable Energy Week reminds us how energy is produced that somehow we may realize what’s needed to be done so that we have a hot shower in the morning.

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